Technical equipment available in Proteome Center laboratories

Proteome lab: Flatbed system for isoelectric focusing (including IPG) and SDS-PAGE, vertical systems for mini or large-format gels and for simultaneous runs of 12 large-format gels, blotting cells for small and large-format gels, RotoforTM system for preparative isoelectric focusing, Mini Whole Gel Eluter.

Lab for computer-assisted evaluation of 2-DE gels: Laser densitometer for scanning silver-, Coomassie blue-stained gels and films, Kodak Image Station 2000R for colorimetric, fluorometric radiolabel and chemiluminiscent imaging (cooled CCD camera), Melanie III software package, SunWorkstation for storing and manipulation with gel images and another Sun server for construction and display of 2-DE PAGE database.

Mass spectrometry lab: Equipment for sample preparation (vacuum centrifuge, thermoblock and SymBiotTM1 sample workstation), Proteomeworks spott cutter, MALDI-TOF instrument - Voyager DE STR, LC-MSMS instrumentation - Q-Tof UltimaTM, CapLCTM, AllianceTM 2695XC.

Lab for purification of cell organelles: Basic equipment for isopycnic ultracentrifugation involves GradientMaster for pouring of sucrose gradients, bench-top ultracentrifuge Optima TM with swinging bucket rotor and Piston Gradient Fractionater for fraction collection, for separation of organelles based on DGE home-made electrophoresis unit is available.

Molecular biology labs: Equipment for PCR or RT-PCR analyses (electrophoresis units, cyclers and equipment for image analysis)

Immunohistochemical lab: Two microscopes Olympus BX45 and 51 and equipment for image analysis.

Cell biology lab: Fluorescence microscopes and equipment for time-lapse videomicroscopy. The utilization of equipment for confocal microscopy and electron transmission microscopy is based on contract with labs outside of Proteome Center.

Immunophenotyping lab: flow cytometr Coulter-Epics, flow cytometer  FACSCalibur (Beckton Dickinson).

General equipment for immunological, microbiological and cell cultures labs.